Publicaciones/Publications 2019

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•Bentactor, M., Darias, S., Cabrera, L., Marrero, G., Pérez, C.N, Rodríguez, J.G. y Sánchez, D. 
"Inequality of opportunity in an outermost region: the case of Canary Islands" 
2019, Islands Studies Journal (forthcoming)

•Palomino, J.C., Marrero, G. y Rodríguez, J.G.
"Channels of inequality of opportunity: the role of education and occupation in Europe"
2019, Social Indicators Research (forthcoming)

•Azpitarte, F., Chigavazira, A., Kalb, G. R., Farrant, B., Perales, F., & Zubrick, S. R.
"Childcare use and its role in Indigenous child development: Evidence from the Longitudinal Study of Indigenous Children in Australia"
2019, The Economic Record (forthcoming)

• Del Río, C. y Alonso-Villar, O. 
"Occupational Segregation by Sexual Orientation in the U.S.: Exploring its Economic Effects on Same-Sex Couples"
Review of Economics of the Household (forthcoming). DOI 10.1007/s11150-018-9421-5

• Gradín, C.
"Segregation of women into low-paying occupations in the United States"

2019, Applied Economics (forthcoming)

• Gradín, C.
"Occupational segregation by race in South Africa after apartheid"
2019, Review of Development Economics (forthcoming)

• Gradín, C. and Tarp, F.
"Investigating growing inequality in Mozambique"
2019, South African Journal of Economics (forthcoming)

 • Simmons, JG, Azpitarte, F, Roost, FD, Dommers, E, Allen, NB, Havighurst, S, Haslam, N 
"Correlates of hair cortisol concentrations in disadvantaged young children"
2019, Stress and Health, 35: 104-111.