Publicaciones/Publications 2018

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 • Bishop, J.A., Haiyong, L. and Rodríguez, J.G.
" Long-run factors influencing intergenerational perceived job status mobility"
2018, Research on Economic Inequality, Vol. 26, pp.219-246

 • Palomino, J.C., Marrero G. and Rodríguez, J.G.
" 'One size doesn't fit all': a quintile regression  analysis of the intergenerational income mobility in the U.S (1980-2010)"
2018, Journal of Economic Inequality, Vol. 16, pp.347-367 

 • Ayala, L. and O. Cantó
"The driving forces of rising inequality in Spain: Is there more to it than a deep worsening of low-income household’s living standards?"
2018, Chapter 10 in Brian Nolan (ed.) Inequality and Inclusive Growth in Rich Countries: Shared Challenges and Contrasting Fortunes, Oxford University Press, Oxford. 

 • Del Río, C. y Alonso-Villar, O. 
"Segregation and Social Welfare: A Methodological Proposal with an Application to the U.S."
2018, Social Indicators Research vol. 137(1), pp. 257-280.

 • Goldfeld S., O'Connor M., O'Connor E., Chong S., Badland H., Woolfenden S., Redmond G., Williams K., Azpitarte F., Cloney D., Mensah F.
"More than a snapshot in time: pathways of disadvantage over childhood"
2018, International Journal of Epidemiology, 47(4): 1307-1316.
 • Gradín, C., C. Del Río and O. Cantó
"Poverty over time: Empirical findings"
2018, C. D'Ambrosio (ed.), Handbook of Research on Economic and Social Well-being, Edward Elgar.